COVID-19 Protocols For Pembroke Animal Hospital

As you are aware, we are currently facing a serious public health threat from the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19. There is much that is unknown about this virus and how it is spread. However, we take this public health threat seriously and we value the health of our staff, our clients, our patients, our families, and our community. Therefore, we want to do what we can at our veterinary hospital to help prevent or slow the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19. Perhaps, this is a very challenging time for everyone and we are all having to make some changes and adjustments in our daily routines and lifestyles. We are aware that the situation and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health and Human Services, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Virginia Department of Health, and local officials are continuously evolving so we will be monitoring the situation daily.

Effectively immediately, we will implement the following COVID-19 protocols at Pembroke Animal Hospital :

1. If you are sick, have medical symptoms that are suggestive of the flu or a cold
such as coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, or running a fever, please do not
come to the hospital or bring your pet to the hospital. Call our hospital at
(757)722-2883 so that our staff can assist you with your concerns.

2. If you have recently traveled internationally or have traveled in an area that has
been determined to have coronavirus or infections, or have been in the presence
of someone who is known to have had such infection, please do not come to the
hospital. Call our hospital at (757)722-2883 so that our staff can assist you.

3. If you have an appointment scheduled with our hospital, we ask that you take
steps to follow the sanitation and personal hygiene guidelines as recommended by
the state and federal health officials such as washing your hands for 20 seconds with
soap and water, using sanitizer with 60 – 75% alcohol or other disinfectants to clean
your pet’s carrier or dog leash, coughing in your elbow or shoulder, and discarding
tissues used for sneezing. Do not bring any toys, blankets or other items for your
pet. There have been no reports of pets contracting COVID-19.

4. When you arrive at our hospital for your appointment, please wait in your vehicle
and call the Receptionist at (757)722-2883 to let her know that you have arrived at
our hospital. The Receptionist will give you further instructions.

5. Only (1) person will be allowed to come into the hospital with each pet that is
presented for a special situation such as end-of-life veterinary care.

6. Although we have a reputation for being professional and friendly at our veterinary
hospital, we will not be giving handshakes or hugs during the coronavirus crisis
per the guidelines of national health experts.

7. We ask that you help us to keep a distance of 6 feet from you, our Receptionist,
other staff members present or other clients who may enter our building per the
recommended guidelines of public health officials.

8. We have always worked hard to try and keep our hospital clean. However, with the
current crisis, we are being even more vigilant and sanitizing our door knobs,
phones, countertops, and etc.

9. We ask that all of our fellow pet owners, vendors, colleagues, and other shareholders
support our efforts to help keep all of us safe by making a sincere effort to stay
informed by continuously reviewing and following the COVID-19 guidelines and
recommendations of local, state, and federal health officials. According to health
experts, one of the biggest concerns with the coronavirus or COVID-19 is that it is
being spread by individuals who are asymptomatic or do not show any obvious
symptoms. This is why “social distancing” is urgent. You can learn more information
on the following links or websites :

The Center For Disease Control(CDC) –
American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) –
World Health Organization(WHO) –
Virginia Department of Health(VDH) –

10. Please understand that the current public health crisis has caused and will
likely cause unpredictable changes in our regular scheduling and operations.
Therefore, we request your patience and cooperation as we try to do the best that we
can to keep us all safe and to work our way through this challenging situation.