Proper diagnosis is the most important part of your pet’s care and treatment. It becomes even more important to diagnose some life-threatening illnesses or trauma promptly to carry on the proper treatment immediately to save your pet’s life. We take every step possible to quickly do all the diagnostics possible to treat your pet in time before it becomes complicated.

We have all the state of art equipment to perform these diagnostics within minutes, which include but not limited to:

  • In-house ultrasound
  • In-house cytology / parasitology
  • In-house chemistry including T4/cholesterol
  • In-house CBC
  • In-house urinalysis
  • In-house Digital X-Rays
  • In-house EKG, BP, pulse oximetry, etc.
  • In-House Digital Dental X-Rays

We also send out samples to a specialist lab for some tests and sometimes have to transfer your pet to a specialist for higher tests like CT scan, MRI, etc.