We just absolutely love Dr. Gooding. We love that he is the only vet at Pembroke. We love coming there. I love how he handles Kiki Boo and I think it is great he came here. I remember him saying he could come treat Kiki Boo at my house because of certain circumstances. I don’t know of any other vet that would do that.
Ms. Sharon James

Dr. Gooding and his staff care. Their compassion for their patients provide a calm and secure place for my Bailey when he needs treatment.
Ms. Linda Henriquez

The staff here is awesome. They made sure my dog Princess got what she deserved in all her time that she was alive under their care. They made sure she remained comfortable during her last moments and I very much appreciated it. I’m very grateful for having them take care of my dog for the 7 wonderful years she was alive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my future furbabies.
Ms. Tammy Smith

They are the most compassionate and caring staff. They go above and beyond the call of duty. It feels like a family atmosphere. I could go on for days! They care as much for our pets as we do.
Mrs. Amy Baer

Dr. Gooding and his staff are truly most professional. Their care for animals is second to none. They’re always forthcoming and straight-up when it comes to an animal being sick. They will definitely work with you. Dr. G is just an outstanding doctor. He really cares for patients and for the patients family.
Mr. Stephen Bontempo

I have two beagles that have been going to Dr. Gooding for 9 years. Dr. Gooding and his staff are like family and I always leave feeling that “the girls” have received the best care possible. Thank you Dr. Gooding and Pembroke Animal Hospital for caring and loving my dogs as much as I do.
Ms. Penny Sheffler

I brought my pup in to see Dr. Gooding at 6 weeks old. Found out she had an ear infection and treated her. Anytime at any moment I needed help with Cisco, he was the first to jump. He sat with me and discussed how to help her. After 16 1/2 years, he was kind enough to come to my house, lay Cisco to rest, even made a clay paw, and had her cremated. I would recommend him to anybody. He treated my dog so well. He was a father to my dog. I love Dr. Gooding. He has a little building, but the little building doesn’t show how big the heart is.
Ms. Bonnie Key